Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flawless Fashion: Reese Witherspoon

Photo Credit:  Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Updated With Dress Designers:
Reese Witherspoon in Monique Lhuillier with Irene Neuwirth earrings.
Kate Hudson in Jenny Packham (My favorite designer of late.) with an Edie Parker clutch.
Leslie Mann in Naemm Khan

Can you say flawless?  Reese Witherspoon is in her second trimester and she looks glowing and beautiful as she arrives at the White House Correspondents Dinner as a guest of Newsweek/Daily Beast.  As I mentioned before in this post, Reese is dressed by Leslie Fremar who ranked number two this year on The Hollywood Reporter's Top Stylist List.  I don't have information yet on who the designer of the dress and jewels are, but stay tuned for a breaking update as soon as I have the inside scoop.  By the way, the top to this dress reminds me of another famous Nicole Kidman dress the year she won the Oscar for The Hours. The year was 2003 and the designer was Jean-Paul Gaultier.  Take a look at the similarities.  Nicole always leads the fashion way for the younger generation.

Here are my two runner-up choices:

Kate Hudson, who is styled by Rachel Zoe,  in a stunning sequined purple gown.  Uh, she had a baby 9 months ago.  Impressive.

Finally, one of my favorite actresses to interview, Leslie Mann.  She's just a gal you would like to kick back and have cocktails with because she's darn funny.  Her dress choice is a bit unexpected for the White House Correspondents Dinner, but I think it's the perfect spring gown-fresh, floral, and colorful.  

Who do you think looked best at this weekend's White House Correspondents Dinner?  Chime in here, on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.


  1. Reese wore it best and I just have one question. What the hell happened to Nicole??? 

  2. What do you mean what happened to Nicole?  

  3. she looks like skeletor

  4. It's been fun watching Leslie Mann come into her own as a performer over the past few years. Moving forward from smaller parts in films like 'Big Daddy' and 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' to marquee supporting roles in 'Funny People' and 'Knocked Up', she always brings a unique exuberance to her roles, and she's top notch Hollywood glamour personified.

  5. That photo is from 2003 which she admitted was a very difficult and lonely year for her post-divorce.  She looks much healthier and happier now. 

  6. She is just as nice in person, that is what makes me like her even more.  Have you seen the "sort of" sequel to "Knocked Up"? It's called "This is 40".  Here's the trailer for the upcoming film:

  7. I wish Kate had more substantial earrings on..that gown is divine!

  8. Really good point on the earrings.  I was so enthralled with that dress, I missed the jewelry.


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