Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Still In Munich!

Wow, I just checked and saw that the last time I posted was on Friday.  The last five days have been a complete blur of work and food and fun here in Munich.  My quiz show hosting gig is officially over, but here are two photos of my station.  I played over 200 rounds of this quiz during my days here at ESC.  Holy cow!  The best part is meeting people from all over the world and trying a few of my Spanish and French phrases on everyone.  Hey, a girl has to practice her languages somehow!  It's also fun to compare the trade shows of the U.S. versus the congresses in Europe.  In Europe, they are more formal and the hostesses (known as "booth babes" in the U.S.) are all dressed up in suits.  I actually like the formality of it versus the khakis and golf shirts approach.  It is somehow more dignified.

Now that my Munich journey is wrapping up, I am hopping a train to the Czech Republic.  Yep, I am off to Prague.  Let the vacation and the shopping begin!  I will be able to post more now that I am on vacation, so join me for more photos this week.  My poor mom was worried when I stopped posting over the last five days, so I gave her this photo bomb on Facebook.

I am also posting more photos on Instagram:  @KristynBurtt and Twitter if you want to follow along!


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    1. You are a wealth of information, M. The interesting thing is that these are just "guidelines" with self-enforcement as the policing policy. Read between the lines on that one.......

    2. I believe between the lines it reads, "...you cannot receive a free pen or calculator, but it is perfectly okay to accept a $10,000 dollar 'consultation' fee."


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