Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Behind The Red Carpet Live With Kelly Lynch of Socialite Life

Hello from somewhere in Central Jersey! If you weren't able to catch yesterday's edition of Behind The Red Carpet Live on Spreecast, I had guest Kelly Lynch from Socialite Life on yesterday.  Kelly and I bonded over classic 90210 episodes on Twitter, but I love this little bit of Boston trivia:  her dad is a well-known TV personality in Boston, Mike Lynch.  He has worked for ABC for years as a sportscaster, so he is a familiar face to those of you in Massachusetts.  Kelly has become quite the royal expert, so she gave us the inside scoop on Kate and Will and the London Games while we also chatted about the Aniston engagement, Beyonce's family photos, and whether Taylor Swift is a Kennedy stalker.  If you missed the show, watch it here:

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