Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where In The World Is KB?: Summer 2012

Many thanks to Roni B. for making sure I had my signature hat for my trip!

Around this time last year, I was off to Paris, thanks to a really amazing client who hired me to host a game show (Or a quiz show for you dignified Europeans.) for them.  They kindly also sent me to Orlando, Chicago, and New Jersey over the past year. (Don't knock NJ, I had the opportunity to meet this guy.)  This year, they are shipping me off to Munich which means I won't be drinking beer now that I am officially Gluten Free.  (Ah, better to miss the beer than to endure a migraine.) I plan on having a blast and posting a photo each day, so I hope you join me on this adventure.  I will also be hitting one other country after the job is over for a little R&R.  Gute Reise!


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  1. Kristyn, have a nice time in Munich ! Sorry about the beer. But there must be beer without gluten. If it exist anywhere in the world it must be in Munich !

    I visited Munish as a kid. What I remember most is a tover with a clock. It played a melody and a man and a women made of tree kept coming back and forward.

    Travel safe / many warm regards / Emmy


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