Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Life In Instagram

It's Thursday, so I thought I would update you on what's been going on in my little world.  I swear, I've done more than just covering entertainment news and the Olympics this week. Here is my week in photos all courtesy of Instagram:  @KristynBurtt

At my annual musical theatre geeks outing to the Hollywood Bowl with Annie and Pip.

 My favorite shoes from my trip to Paris last year. 

  Me, Pip, and my favorite Crabby!  (You remember him from my trip to Paris, right?)

Obsessed with my ShoeDazzle shoes.  My friend, Amber, had a hot pair from ShoeDazzle too!

My pal, Tabitha Blue, is running a fun Instagram #PROJECTlipstick challenge.  Dig out those old tubes and show off some sexy lips.  This was my Wednesday color:  e.l.f. Rosy Tan.  Visit Tabitha's site for more info and some fun giveaways!

 I have the best friends in the world.  My friend, Cindy, wanted to make sure I was eating well while I am running all over town. She made a "Host-On-The-Go" pack for me.  All gluten-free items too!  Thanks, Cindy, I'm so lucky to have friends like you. 

Disclosure:  Shoes c/o ShoeDazzle.  Lipstick c/o e.l.f.  All opinions are my own.

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