Friday, March 2, 2012

Oscar Friends

You come to this town with a dream. To stand on that red carpet.  To feel like you belong.  To be in the mix with Hollywood's elite. That ride means nothing unless you are celebrating amongst friends.  This post is a tribute to all of my friends who joined me on that red carpet last Sunday.  I love that you were there with me......

Misty Kingma, fellow Red Carpet Report entertainment reporter, and me.

Me and Taryn Southern who was broadcasting for US Weekly.

Me and Dennis Pastorizo of Terra Networks.

The man behind the camera, JD Piche, thanks for all of your hard work last week!

My awesome pal, Jordan Carson, from WOTV-4, Grand Rapids.

Me and Blake Mitchell.


  1. next year, I've got to get my picture with one of the pretty girls

  2. Thanks, Kristyn Burtt for posting! #OscarLove xoxo
    I'm editing my videos of you and Jordan today. Will send a link when done. 

  3. Can't wait to see it!  We miss you here in LA.  xo


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