Friday, July 1, 2011

The Deets on the Dress

I've received so many kind emails, comments, and questions about the dress I wore to the 2nd Annual Thirst Project Gala.  Thank you!  This look was originally assembled for another event last fall, but I never got a chance to wear it.  The outfit finally made its debut on Tuesday. So, here is everything you need to know:

Stylist:  Roni B.
Makeup:  Carolina Groppa
Dress:  Daisy, $72
Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman (Winter 2007 Collection)
Jewelry:  Roni B and Target

I wanted to give you a close up of the detailing on the Stuart Weitzman shoes.  Roni and I went through every gold shoe in my closet because Purple and Gold has a tendency to make me look like a Lakers Girl.  It had to be just the right shade of gold to enhance the eggplant-colored dress.

One other wonderful detail added by Roni was the brooch in the middle of the vertical bow.  It made a very simple dress look elegant and sophisticated.  A perfect compliment to the rest of the look.

Take a look at a few other outfits Roni has pulled together for me here, here, and here.

Top photo courtesy of Leilani Gushiken.


  1. You do not look like a Laker girl in those pictures. You look like a Laker girl in this picture.

  2. You should make that your facebook profile pic! :)

  3. very nice dress


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