Monday, July 18, 2011

Carmageddon 2011

Awkward camera work while posing with the 405.  

No matter where you live in the U.S., the news covered Carmageddon 2011.  The idea of Los Angeles having its major freeway shut down for 53 hours was a horrifying thought to all of the residents who live in their vehicles, who hate to walk, and who hate to carpool.  How would the city function?  Well, it functions much better when the Mayor tells us to stay home or get out of town.  Carmageddon turned into CarmaHEAVEN.  I ran all over the city getting everywhere in less than 20 minutes and it was such a lovely weekend.  I decided to take a quick hike up into the Santa Monica Mountains to get a closer look at all of the construction.  Enjoy my one minute tale of Carmageddon 2011.  P.S. Next year, I'm going out of town.  There's no way Los Angelenos will behave two years in a row!

If you were in town, what did you during Carmageddon 2011?

A far away view of the bridge construction. 

NO ONE is on the 405.  Awesome!


  1. That is the most bizarre thing ever, no one on the 405!!! Crazy!!! I'm sorta missing Los Angeles now. Love your blog!


  2. Hahaha, love it! You can't go out of town next year b/c you have to cover Carmageddon again!

  3. It was a wonderful weekend in LA.  No traffic. Thanks for stopping by!


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