Friday, July 22, 2011

The Tale of the iPhone Case

This weekend, a few of you may be stopping by Red Carpet Closet because of this post by my friend, Ken Davenport.  Yep, I love my iPhone and I thought it was wasted advertising space lately.  I am currently using my own case, but in the past I have utilized cases given to my by PR agencies to advertise certain products.  I thought, why don't I advertise for Godspell?  (By the way, it's no secret that I am an investor in the show.)

Photo Courtesy of Ken Davenport.

Just to prove that my iPhone is with me at all times, here are a few photos from the 83rd Annual Academy Awards in February. I will be sure to take a picture on the red carpet with my new Godspell iPhone case once it reaches the Left Coast. Be sure to leave a comment below, so I can learn more about you.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

Get your Godspell iPhone case here.

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Taking video with my iPhone of the cute kids from PS 22 walking the red carpet.

 Showing Mr. Brainwash the photo I took alongside his artwork.  

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