Friday, July 8, 2011

Shake It UP!

Yesterday, I headed out to the Americana to cover the Disney Channel's "Make Your Mark: Ultimate Dance Off-'Shake It UP!' edition.  Now, if you are under the age of 12, you know exactly what Shake It UP! is all about.  It's the hottest new series on the Disney Channel that follows the comedic adventures of CeCe and Rocky who are trying to make their mark in the dance world.  This summer, Disney is hitting 6 cities to find their next dance star from across the US.  The national winner will get to meet the cast and guest star on the hit show.

 I had explicit instructions from my 11-year-old niece to get a shout out for her and her BFF. (Which makes it her 3rd Shake It UP! shout out now. I'm trying to be the cool aunt.)  I made sure the shout out happened and I ran home to share my videos and photos with her.  Now, I get to share them with you. Enjoy my afternoon with the Shake It UP! stars and don't forget to check out the short video at the bottom of this post.  You might catch a dance move or two at the beginning and I totally bust at move at the very end.

Hanging with Zendaya and Bella Thorne.

Showing their moves!

Getting the scoop on Season 2 of Shake It UP!

Interviewing show choreographer, Rosero McCoy. That's quite a chapeau!

Radio Disney DJ, Ernie D.

Showing my moves....maybe I will be on next season?

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