Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm Looking for A Dress, Part Two

I am dutifully following the cross country arrival of my dresses for the Academy Award Nominations.  So far, both of them seem to be in limbo; one on the West Coast and one in the Midwest.  Hopefully, they will arrive by Monday so I have a 50/50 shot that one of them will fit and look good.  Cross your fingers that I will have something to wear!

After critiquing the Golden Globes fashions and after I figure out my fashion dilemma for January 25th, I will have to start searching for some serious wardrobe for February 27th.  I received huge news this week that I will be covering THIS event in the press bleachers on the red carpet and the backstage press room where the winners are ushered after they receive there award for Mingle Media TV and Starpulse.  Can you believe it?  It's a dream come true. 

On the red carpet after the 79th Annual Academy Awards with my friends, Rose and Ashley in 2007.  I was kindly invited as a guest that year by Ashley.  The Departed was the big winner and Erica Davies designed my dress.  Guess who styled me for this event?  Kim Kardashian.  Yep, she was working as a stylist in 2007.  No E! show back then, she was known as Paris Hilton's friend and worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.  Wow, have times changed.  

So, I am reaching out to all of my fashionistas who have contacts in the fashion industry.  I am looking for a gown.  Where should I go?  Who should I contact?  If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know.  I only have a week and a half in LA in early February and two weeks in Chicago in mid-February, so those cities would be my ideal locations for dress shopping/fitting.  Please note, anything I wear will get promotional consideration.  

Feel free to contact me in the comment section below or on my Contact page.  Thank you all for your assistance!

Photo 1: Courtesy of Seth Maxwell
Photo 2: Courtesy of Brian Wilson

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  1. I love your style. Have you tried contacting anyone on for ideas?


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