Wednesday, January 26, 2011

83rd Annual Academy Award Nominations

Yesterday was quite a day!  From my 2 AM wake-up call to the 3:30 AM breakfast to the Academy Award Announcements themselves at 5:38 AM, I cannot believe I managed to stay awake.  Okay, I did go to bed at 5:37 PM the day before.  It was a thrill of a lifetime to cover this event and I cannot believe it is about to get better with my upcoming red carpet coverage and backstage press room opportunity on Oscar night.  I could just scream with excitement.  I worked for several media outlets yesterday including Mingle Media TV, Starpulse, and then a guest appearance on Minnesota's 107.1 FM's Lori and Julia Show.  Phew!  It was a long and crazy day, but here is where you can find all of the links and photos to yesterday's events"

1.  To read my insider thoughts on what happened at the theatre yesterday morning hour by hour, head on over to my Starpulse article here.  I had a great time writing this article because you never really know what happens inside the theatre until you are actually there.

2.  To hear what I had to say with Lori and Julia on 107.1FM (My favorite radio duo when I lived in Minnesota.), head over here.  See the "What You Missed Section", click on "Hour 2", and then hit "Listen Now".  My favorite highlights include the ladies asking whether Mo'Nique shaved her legs for the event and what was up with that awkward kiss with Academy president, Tom Sherak?

Nancy O'Dell makes her official debut with ET replacing longtime host, Mary Hart.

3.  Mingle Media TV:  If you missed yesterday's announcement, you can find it here along with my commentary at the end of the video:

4. Photos from inside the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre courtesy of Mingle Media TV can be found here.

Photo 1:  Courtesy of Mingle Media TV.

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