Friday, January 14, 2011

The Dress Challenge: The Finalists

After much deliberation and searching at the dresses you picked, we have two finalists!  I think you might be surprised at one of the choices because it doesn't exactly fit all of the criteria, but I think it could be a perfect choice with a cute little jacket or sweater. There would have been three finalists, but we can thank Bloomingdale's for running out of inventory.  The winner will be announced on Oscar Nomination Day:  Tuesday, January 25th.  In the meantime, take a look at the two finalists:

From Andrea:   Dress by ModCloth (a favorite of mine), $162.99
I know there isn't a lot of color here, but the possibilities for accessorizing are endless all the way down to my shoes. It's a blank slate, so I think it makes the outfit a bit playful and fun. 

From Lula:  Banana Republic, $150
I think this cut and color are terrific for camera and I cannot wait to try it on.  I am hoping the ruffles add the touch of drama that I want to this dress without being overwhelming.  

The Runner-Up:

From Krystyn AND Kimberly:  Cynthia Steffe, Bloomingdale's, $110.25
This would have been a finalist, however, the dress is out of stock at Bloomingdale's. Boo! This would have been a strong contender. 


  1. I still love that blue dress (Caitlin's pick) from Akira. I think that would look gorgeous on you.

  2. I do too, but the event is a little more conservative and I have to be covered up more. The dress has to be longer and a little more coverage on top as the event is at 5:30 AM! Perhaps a future red carpet event?


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