Thursday, January 27, 2011

After The Nominations

Now that all of the serious coverage of the 83rd Annual Academy Award Nominations is completed, here is a loopy and quick (1 minute. 20 seconds) video made by me and my cameraman, JD Piche of Mingle Media TV, after all of the morning's events.  We had both been up for hours at this point, so forgive my hair and my camera work.  If you are a fan of entertainment news, Nancy O'Dell of ET makes a cameo as well.

I hope to do a few of these videos from time to time, so you can see what it really looks like behind the scenes. (and I promise my shaky camera hand will get stronger.)  Now, I am off to do some Oscar dress shopping with the amazing Roni B. I need to think tall and lean today because these gowns are built for glamazons.  Tall and lean, tall and lean, tall and lean......

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