Monday, November 1, 2010

Scenes From Nashville

I was lucky enough to travel to Nashville for the first time to host an infomercial with a true home shopping icon, Tony Little.  After rehearsal on Thursday, I had time to walk around downtown to catch the sights and scenes of a truly amazing city.  It was the perfect crisp fall day that I don't get from living in LA.  I also knew that I was worlds away from the West Coast.  Enjoy the flavor of Nashville in photos.

The Architecture:

The Fashions:

Um, where I am from, you don't EVER see a Confederate flag.  Here, they are on flip flops.  Yikes!

Nashville Dreams.......

They take their cowboy boots very seriously.
Always a fashion don't, no matter what city you live in.
Cowboy hat, check.  Cowboy boots, check.  Wrangler jeans, check.  Yep, I am in Nashville.

Parting Shots:  



  1. Ah, Confederate Flag Flip Flops. Only in the South. . .


  2. @Courtney: Right? I was a little shocked, but it's so common in the South.

    @Bobiwash: Thanks! And thanks for stopping by.


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