Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mad Men Withdrawal

Is anyone else suffering from this terrible illness?  Mad Men Withdrawal?  I aimlessly channel surf around my 250 stations on my TV on Sunday nights hoping for a glimpse of Don Draper smoking a cigarette or Peggy pursing her lips because she has to fight the boys' club at the office again.  I am not sure I am patient enough to wait until Summer 2011 for a Mad Men return.  The Saturday Night Live episode with Jon Hamm last week did not satiate me at all because, well, SNL kind of sucks these days.

However, there is a little glimmer of hope for me today as The Daily What compiled the Best of Don Draper's favorite word, "What?" No one does it better than the Draper and the clip is pretty brilliant:

This certainly isn't my first obsessive Mad Men post.  Join me as I discuss all things Mad Men here from the Janie Bryant/QVC fashion collection to my love for Sal to my first interview with Kiernan Shipka AKA Sally Draper.  Or head on over to my Emmys week post for my second interview with Kiernan who is perhaps one of the most delightful child actors I have ever interviewed.  Good luck with your withdrawal symptoms.  I hope this gets you through the week until it all begins again.  Sigh.


  1. Love! I need to somehow make it my ringtone. Or just Don Draper telling me I need to answer my phone. Le sigh.....

  2. Is it weird that I find Don Draper way more interesting than Jon Hamm?


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