Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Weekend: LA Auto Show

I made it through the first weekend of the LA Auto Show with a hoarse voice and some sore feet, but the crowds were the largest I have seen in five years.  Maybe it is a sign that the economy is rebounding?  Sunday proved to be the most challenging in terms of crowds, traffic, and chaos thanks to the city allowing the American Music Awards, the LA Auto Show, and the Lakers game to occur at the same time at the same complex.  Phew, that's a lot of people in one place.  Here are a few highlights including a visit from Chelsea Sexton, EV proponent whom you might recognize from the fascinating documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? (add it to your Netflix queue.) and a clip of the show.  If you live in Chicago, Detroit, or New York, Toyota Live will be hitting your city in early 2011.

Me and Chelsea Sexton

Bossing my co-host around on the LED wall.

Lots of crowds at the show.


  1. I bet you looked great on the big screen.

  2. I thought the LA auto show was after the Detroit Car show.

  3. Thanks, MMT and Anon!

    @Mathieas: The LA show has occurred before Detroit since 2006.

  4. Ah, that explains it. 2006 was when LG15 debuted and I descended down a dark and winding hole to the depths of Perdition otherwise known as web series fanaticism.


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