Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am pleased to announce that I will be writing for the upcoming Awards Season for Starpulse.  I am excited to bring you up close to all of the red carpet and nomination action.  I will also bring you some insider scoop on the Kodak Theatre and the lead-up to the Academy Awards.  I hope you will join me with my first article on the Academy's choice of hosts for The 83rd Annual Academy Awards, Anne Hathaway and James Franco. What do you think of this year's hosts?  Read all of the dish here.


  1. This is most excellent news, congratulations, Kristyn you will do an amazing job.

    If you need any tips... maybe some hat jokes or various ways of saying a woman is hot... actually that's pretty much my whole repertoire... let me know. :)

  2. Thanks, M! I always need a joke writer. :)

  3. Congrats Kristyn! You are the woman!! Hoping we can actually get on some of the Red Carpets which will be even better!

  4. Thank you! Yes, Steph, that would be amazing for all of us....red carpet, here we come!

  5. Congratulations. Sounds perfect for you.


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