Friday, November 19, 2010

Press Week at the LA Auto Show

It's that time of year again when the big automotive companies roll out their big eco-friendly debuts at the LA Auto Show.  It's no secret that I host a show for Toyota as you have seen photos over and over again on this blog here, here, and here, but I also get the opportunity to participate in press week.  This year, I was giddy because Toyota launched a new demonstration RAV4 EV partnership with Tesla.  If you aren't familiar with the CEO, Elon Musk, I encourage you to read this fascinating Wired magazine profile on him.  He's basically a rock star in the automotive industry:  he's young, he's rich, the ladies love him, and he made his fortune developing PayPal.  Elon is now rocking the automotive industry with electric vehicles.  It really was a dream come true for an alternative fuel vehicle geek like me....Elon Musk in person!  

Check out a few other fun photos from my week.  If you are in the LA area, my shows begin today at the top of every hour through Sunday, November 28th.  Just look for me on the JumboTron at the Toyota Live stage.

This is what it is like to be surrounded by automotive paparrazzi.....

Don't tell anyone I ate a Mercedes cupcake.....

The new badging on the RAV4 EV demo vehicle:

Here it is!  My nerd brain is so happy to see more options for alternative fuel vehicles coming to market.  You do know I drive a hybrid, right?

My co-host drove a perfect game in the Toyota Star Safety System driving simulator.

 Me......uh, not so much.  Stay away from me on the road!

Whoa!  Scary overhead lighting makes my hair look green.  Time to add some low lights the next time I sit down with my stylist.  Photo courtesy of Mingle Media TV.


  1. Great cupcakes and cars!!?! That looks like fun!

  2. JD came back telling me how crazy your hair color was... love that lighting!!

  3. those two cupcakes are so adorable! very creative. i love how each of them represents a different car theme.

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