Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

While I am not a fan of Black Friday shopping, I am a huge fan of Cyber Monday.  I love sitting on my couch and shopping all with a click of a mouse.  Given that it is my birthday week, I will probably buy myself a treat or two.  I have had my eye on these for awhile.  If you are going to the laptop for your holiday shopping, remember these three rules:

1.  Never pay full price.
2.  Never pay for shipping.
3.  Try to avoid sales tax.  Look for sites that either pick up the sales tax for you or an out of state site that does not charge sales tax to your home state.  (This is a big one for me as California sales tax is now flirting with 10%.)

I wrote a huge online shopping article awhile back, so start there and find out how one site will pay YOU to shop.  You will thank me later when you get a check back for your holiday purchases in January.  The article also has a link that adds $5 to your account for your first purchase.  Remember, that is $5 for you to add to your bank account, not $5 off a purchase.  Happy Shopping! Be smart, be safe, save money!!

Let me know what is on your holiday list too. I would love to hear what you are buying this holiday season.


  1. I am with you KB! I prefer to shop online for most everything and even have my K-cups delivered on a schedule through Amazon (15% discount and no sales tax... and ships FREE even though 50 cups are under $25). Happy Birthday to you! Oh, I did buy my birthday present online at Amazon (no this is not a promo) but I did find it on one site + free ship but then they added sales tax... so I found it on Amazon - free ship, and no tax - saved $30 (and it weighs 105 LBS) so rock on for Free Ship! Oh... I'll take a photo when it gets here.

  2. Very useful article, I hadn't heard of either of those sites. One similar site that my pappy swears by is MyPoints.

  3. @MingleMediaTV: Can't wait to see your purchase! Yay for free shipping. :)

    @Mathieas: Off to check out MyPoints. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Great Saving for online shoppers...


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