Saturday, February 27, 2010

Red Carpet Interviews...Some DOs and DON'Ts

Okay, Streamys time is upon us and the spotlight is on web series, actors, and all of the talented people behind the scenes.  It is an exciting time and I know that getting publicity for your show is an integral part of finding new viewers or connecting with your current fans.  So, I hope all of you who wake up to a Streamy nomination get ready for a thrilling time in your career, but prepare yourself for the round of media that is to follow.  Do yourself and your show a favor, mentally prepare for the red carpet. Here are a couple of things I have noticed recently on the red carpet, a few bad habits, and some things to point out.  At The Web Files, we want to showcase you and your show in the best light possible:

1.  Talk to the reporter.  Don't talk into the camera.  It is a conversation between two people.  Trust that the cameraman is focusing in on you and he will get the shot.  If you look directly into the camera while being interviewed, it makes you look a bit crazy because you are ignoring the person asking you the questions. (Now, you can casually glance at the camera to include the audience, but don't get stuck in that lens.)

2.  Don't EVER, EVER, EVER, hijack someone else's interview.  I had this happen on Monday night at a web series premiere and it made the actor look like a big, old jackass. I was interviewing the creator of the's his big night, his big moment, and his chance to shine.  The actor comes stumbling into the shot, puts his arm around the creator, and expects me to start interviewing him.  Sorry, nope, no way.  The creator hired YOU, he wrote a part for YOU, he directed YOU.  Without him, you wouldn't be on this red carpet.  Show respect.  Let everyone have their moment in the spotlight.  Trust me, you will have your turn, but if you jump into my shot....forget about it.

3.  Finally, sound bites.  During a sit down interview with The Web Files, I want more in depth answers.  On the red carpet, I want sound bites.  A reporter from any show, whether it is a marquee entertainment show like ET, Access Hollywood, or E!, or a little one like The Web Files, is looking for the funny, off the cuff, short quips.  If I asked you to tell me about your show, do it in less than 20 words.  A 2 minute explanation usually makes your clip unusable because red carpet footage is edited in a faster paced rhythm.  If you want to watch successful interviews in 30 seconds or less, take a look at the clips from the Whatever Works premiere from June 2009 for Focus Hollywood:  See Larry David, Peter Fonda, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Clarkson, and John Lithgow all giving great little moments in an extremely short period of time.  They are true masters at dealing with red carpet reporters when we only were allowed to ask them one question each that night.

I hope that some of these tips are useful to you and your cast.  I am happy to offer up a few more helpful hints as we get closer to April 11th, 2010, so feel free to fire away with questions or suggestions on this topic in the section below (Anonymous posts are okay).  I can address them in another post soon.   See you at the Streamys red carpet!

PS  All of the photos posted are examples of GOOD red carpet interviews, so don't start any gossip that I think you stink on the red carpet.  xo kb


  1. Good points.

    If I find myself there I will try to remember these!

  2. Thanks! I will try and do one more post before the show, but these 3 points are the issues I notice over and over again.


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