Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Epic Fu

I was really looking forward to shooting this episode because Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf were the winners of last year's Streamy Award for "Best Hosted Web Series".  Their journey to the top has been an interesting ride and one that web series creators need to pay attention to.  While they have had amazing success with production deals at Next New Networks and Revision3, they were not immune to the economic downturn.  They currently find themselves on their own as they grow Epic Fu as a brand.  The independence allows them the freedom to try new ideas and allow the interactivity of the show rise to a new level.  While they are continuing their focus on film and music, watch as they grow over the next year or so.  Their longevity in the web space is something that I admire and Epic Fu is one of the shows that has set a high standard in the Hosted Web Series world.  


We shot in their downtown loft which serves as the new backdrop to the show.  The first thing I noticed was Steve Woolf's artwork.  His incredible pieces line the walls and add the perfect compliment to their decor.  I don't know if he sells his work, but it's worth checking into it if you are looking for unique and significant pieces in your home.  Steve and Zadi were such a treat to interview.  They are smart, kind, and really thoughtful about their place in the web space.  The interactive aspect of their show, Mix, is a place where hardcore fans interact about the show, new music, pop culture, and even debate with Steve and Zadi.  


I love that Steve took all of these behind the scenes photos because you get a great look at our crew.  They sometimes like to hide from the camera, but they are crucial to making The Web Files the show that it is.  You get some glimpses of makeup artist, Melissa Anchondo, our PA/Renaissance Woman, Jenn Bobiwash, and DP/Editor, Perry Payne.  Also joining us for the first time was stylist, Katelin Flanigan, who dressed me from head to toe for the episode. She is a great additional to the team because no one is a bigger fashionista!  So, if you see that I am dressing better in upcoming episodes, thank Katelin.  (And we will get her on set photo soon.  She's a beautiful, statuesque blonde, you will love her!)

Finally, a kind shout out to Miss Casey McKinnon for putting us in touch with Zadi and Steve.  Without suggestions, connections, and feedback, we would not have access to some of the shows we interview.  So, please keep the dialogue and comments coming.  You can always leave a comment here or visit me on Twitter .  

If you missed the episode, check it out here: Epic Fu

Later today, a new episode of The Web Files with Woody Tondorf, Ben Pace, and Genevieve Jones of Elevator

Behind the scenes photos courtesy of Steve Woolf.


  1. Thanks to you for the great interview and the kind words! It turned out great! :)

  2. Thanks, Steve! I am so glad you enjoyed it. :) kb


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