Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome to Chicago!

Well, here we are, a little over halfway through the season and at the toughest show on the circuit.  Now, don't get me wrong, Chicago is a fantastic city, but we are here at the toughest time of the year:  everyone is exhausted from back to back cities, we are at the height of flu and cold season, the weather is cold, and this is the show that has the highest attendance across the U.S.  Yet, this show offers more excitement that even NAIAS cannot match.  

We have amazing guests who stop by our show like Scotty Van Hawk of Four Feathers Racing who is one of the Top 5 AMA Pro Racers in the U.S.  He spent last weekend signing autographs for fans after his interview on the show where he revealed he has broken 84 bones in a sport where speeds can top 197 MPH.  Wow. 

And a three year guest to our show, Ramblin' Ray from US 99 Chicago.  I really enjoy Ray's visits, he is never at a loss for words and oh boy, he tells it like it is.  He has a partnership with Toyota that includes a Tundra that he loves to kick up to 110 MPH. Shhhh, don't tell Toyota.  Check out his website and photos from past Toyota Live visits: Ray's Tundra. 

This was our first attempt at a photo on Valentine's Day. Was it the camera or was it the champagne?

Our second attempt worked out much better!  My favorite friends from the Mitsubishi team. Yes, we do hang out with other manufacturers.

The larger shows also offer a glimpse of the show on the large screen.  Here I am looming over the
FT-CH turntable:


The crowds were in full force over the 1st weekend of the Chicago Auto Show:

Other fun guest included an annual visit from members of the Chicago Bears:  Robbie Gould and Hunter Hillenmeyer. I have to say I was a fan of Robbie after interviewing him.  He's pretty charming. 

The other reason I love this show?  My little cousin.  Isn't she magical?  

Yep, a nap backstage and a photo kindly taken by my co-host, Matthew Troyer.  Not my best look, but it sure sums up the week so far:  Lots of fun, but lots of work!


  1. haha! I never saw this one with the champagne-induced photo attempt. :)


  2. That was a fun night! We all look 12 in this photo....not that this is a bad thing. :)


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