Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Top 3 Posts of 2011

I am a total nerd, but I've known this since elementary school.  I love analyzing numbers and seeing what is working and what isn't.  I love looking into the psychology of what makes people stop and pay attention.  That is why I love analytics for my blog.  It is fun to see what makes you come here and read my posts, whether you are a regular reader or you came through a Google search.  So, here are my Top 3 posts of 2011.  They aren't necessarily my favorites, but they are your favorites.  For my regular readers, one of the Top 3's popularity may surprise you, it sure surprised me.

Simone Harouche, one of my favorite stylists on the list. 

1.  The Stylist Edition:  This article was the number one most trafficked post this year.  I compiled the list of top stylists for the celebrities from a Hollywood Reporter article.  I loved it because it gave us insight into who is consistently setting trends as a stylist for their clients (Rachel Zoe and Anne Hathaway with that amazing tuxedo at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.) and it also made me note who needs to change stylists. (e.g. Amy Adams) This is also a fun one to read because Brad Goreski made an appearance on the list at number 22 while his former mentor, Rachel Zoe, was listed at number 1.  Will that change with this awards season and the premiere of his reality show?  Only time will tell.

2.  Saturn Awards, EZ Curler, and Interviews, Oh My!:  This one was a bit of shock to me as it was just a quick "here's what I've been up to" post, but I sure covered my bases on popular internet searches:  Anna Torv from Fringe, anything related to The Bachelor, and an infomercial sensation called the EZ Curler.  Really, there is something for everyone in this post.  Enjoy the photos and video because I'm sure Google sent you here for this one.

3.  The Oscar Looks of Elizabeth Taylor:  We lost the divine Elizabeth Taylor this year, but there are stunning photographs of her that will live on and endure the test of time.  Following her death, I compiled a series of photos from some of the Academy Awards ceremonies she attended.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.

So, there you have it, the Top 3 Posts of 2011.  Did your favorites make it into the Top 3?  If not, tell me what was your favorite article from Red Carpet Closet this year?


  1. i'm ecstatic to see brad's show! i adore him.

  2. Can't wait!!  I realized when I watched Rachel Zoe this season that the only reason I watched her show was for Brad.  It was a snore without him this year.


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