Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Great To Be Nominated!

Yes, awards season is in full swing with the SAG Awards announcement, today's Golden Globes announcement and the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) announcement.  Wait...what?  What's the IAWTV?  It's exactly what you think.  The Academy recognizes the work of those creators, directors, and actors whose shows air on your laptop, iPad, and mobile device.  Ah, I bet some of you didn't even know there was original programming on the web, did you?  There is a lot of great content out there and it is worth exploring on sites like Blip, My Damn Channel, and Hulu.  So, check it out over the holiday break.  You might find a show you like and I'm happy to recommend a few. (Just hit me up in the comments below.)

A Mashup of the IAWTV nominees.  I want to thank Melissa Anchondo for the good hair in the clip they used. When I do my hair, it never looks that good.  (Mashup by Jojo Dodd):

Anyway, I am proud to say that the show I worked on, The Web Files, was honored with three nominations for Best Hosted Taped Web Series, Best Director (Non-Fiction), and Best Host (Taped).  The Web Files truly was a labor of love and countless hours of hard work, so it is exciting to see our whole team recognized:  Sandra Payne (director), Perry Payne (editor/DP), Jenn Bobiwash (Renaissance Woman who did it ALL), and Melissa Anchondo (Hair/Makeup).  I celebrate this nomination with them because I know the blood, sweat, tears, and efforts that went into creating this show.  The awards show is on Thursday, January 12th in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  I'll keep you posted on another fun adventure since I will be commuting from Detroit in order to attend the ceremony. (A big thanks to Toyota for giving me the day off to fly to Vegas!)

Here's the live announcement with Shira Lazar and Ethan Newberry from yesterday:

A full list of the nominees:

Inaugural IAWTV Awards Nominees
Best Comedy Web Series
Best Drama Web Series
Best Hosted Taped Web Series
Best Hosted Live Web Series
Best Animated Web Series
Best Documentary Web Series
Best Variety Web Series
Best News Web Series
Best Educational Web Series
Best Writing (Comedy)
Best Writing (Drama)
Best Writing (Non-Fiction)
Best Directing (Comedy)
Best Directing (Drama)
Best Directing (Non-Fiction)
Best Female Performance (Comedy)
Best Female Performance (Drama)
Best Male Performance (Comedy)
Best Male Performance (Drama)
Best Host (Taped)
Best Host (Live)
Best Cinematography
Best Design
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup/Special Effects
Best Visual Effects
Best Editing
Best Original Music
Best Supplemental Content
Best Interactive/Social Media Experience
  • CliffsNotes Films
  • Kids React
  • RCVR/Web Series
  • Stupid For Movies
  • What's Trending with Shira Lazar
Best Web Site Design
Best Distribution Platform

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  1. The Web.Files was a really good show, ya'll should be proud of it. Also, for anyone out there who hasn't seen it you catch up here completely with sometimes goofy commentary. (Yes, I know that was a shameless plug, but I do so miss writing about web series.)


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