Friday, December 23, 2011

The Friday Five

Here we go right smack in the middle of the holiday season. I have family coming in today, so things will be loud and busy at Chez Burtt.  I hope you all have a fun weekend of eating, spending time with family, and taking a minute or two to work out or at least walk it off.  (Easier said than done, I know!) With that, let's get right to the Friday Five:

1.  Holidays:  Oh, this photo was taken just a few years that you've stopped laughing, you have to love that my mom coordinated my outfit with Santa.  In true KB form, I am more interested in striking the right pose for the camera (chin down, eyes up) than I am in Santa.  I'm also thinking about that lollipop in my hands.  Three seconds to a sugar rush!  And, oh yeah, that's my real hair color.

2.  The Artist:  If you are looking for a movie to see this holiday season, look no further than The Artist.  It's a true love letter to the history of film, sound, and music.  Be prepared as there is only about a minute of true sound or talking in this film, but enjoy getting lost in the incredible score by Ludovic Bource which tells a dramatic and moving story.  I love that a film like this could get made in 2011 given half the junk I have to see for my job involves remakes, guns, 3D, and generally, uninspired writing. I expect a lot of nominations for this film on January 24th, the day the Academy Award nominations are announced.

3.  The Dress:  Yes, I am going to need a dress for the 84th Annual Academy Award announcements again.  For those of you that were around last year, I ran a contest to find a dress for the obscenely, yet exciting, early morning.  The rules are going to remain the same and I am posting a photo of the winning dress which turned out to be the perfect example of what I am looking for.  I will formerly announce this contest the first week of January, but those of you who want to get started early can either leave me links in the comments section or post a photo on my Facebook wall.  Remember, I have to be able to order this online since I will be traveling for most of the month.  Again, here are the rules.  Happy Shopping, and yes, there will be a gift certificate for the winner!

4.  Holiday Greetings:  One of the media outlets I work for, Mingle Media TV, came up with a really fun holiday video.  It was fun looking at some of the events I covered in 2011 for Red Carpet Report.  Watch for me at the 0:06-0:38 mark.

5. The Store:  I am happy to say that we have our first donations to The Thirst Project with the sales from the store.  There is still a week left in the month, so I will announce the total for December 2011 in a Friday Five during the month of January.  Remember, "Water is a human right, join the fight". If you would like to donate, click here.

With that, I am going to wrap it up here at Red Carpet Closet.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannakuh!  I will post a bit next with with more of my Best of 2011 lists.


  1. That is a cute picture of you as a little girl.  I usually don't like when pretty women put up pictures from when they were young because it makes it harder to think of them as pretty women. HAHA

    Have you ever done any modeling?

  2. Thanks!  Given the fact that I am 5'3", there is no modeling career in my future.  ;)

  3. i want to see the artist! i trust your judgment on movies!

  4. Thanks.....and yes, go see it! Would love to hear what you think.  


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