Friday, December 16, 2011

The Friday Five

In my Holiday Giveaway form, I have asked what are your favorite posts on Red Carpet Closet?  I see a lot of "The Friday Five" as a response, so I need to remember to do this type of post more often.  Here's my Friday Five for this week.

This is a photo of a photo, but I love how holiday crazy we look.

1.  West Elm Party:  We finally have a West Elm store in LA proper and I was invited to join in the festivities.  The place was packed full of people enjoying the champagne, truffle h'orderves, and shopping around the well-designed store.  I tried to resist buying anything, but I failed.  I picked up a silver ice bucket, a pillow sham to match my new duvet from One Kings Lane, and the cutest bicycle lunch bag that you can see here.  Julie Tyler from Golden Goose Films tagged along as we both toted out a big bag of goodies last night.  Thanks for a fun night, West Elm!  

2.  Holiday Giving:  I've been trying to find a good organization in LA to adopt a family for Christmas, but I haven't found a good option yet.  A friend posted this link on Facebook about shoppers paying off other Kmart customers' layaway purchases.  It makes you believe in the spirit of Christmas, especially in these tough times. So, if you find me lurking in the Kmart aisles in Los Angeles, you know why.   Read the article here

3.  Variety:  I talked a bit about my nomination for the IAWTV Awards yesterday, but this got me giddy all over again. My name in Variety.  If you don't work in the industry, Variety is an entertainment trade magazine that updates the industry on the latest entertainment news in terms of production, Hollywood deals, etc.  I feel like a total dork, but it is kind of exciting to see my name there.  

4.  Mentoring:  Late last night I received a DM (direct message) on Twitter from a kid whose work I have covered in the past thanking me for the encouragement because he had been feeling a bit down.  Now this kid is on the fast track to fame, but it made me think of how important mentoring is in any industry.  I have also received a few messages from up and coming entertainment journalists who are still in school, but who are looking for a direction in their careers.  It seems to me that people are seeking an outlet for guidance.  I am always happy to help with advice and information, but I wonder if we have lost our way with training the next generation?  It just gave me a moment to pause and think about what I could do in the next year to help change this lack of direction.  Maybe I will do a segment from time to time on Red Carpet Closet or be more active in my local community with up and coming young entertainers and journalists.  Anyone else have any suggestions?

5.  Fashion:  It wouldn't be a Friday Five without one mention of fashion.  I received this ring for my birthday from my mom and everyone has been complimenting me on it.  I love big, chunky cocktail rings, so this one fits perfectly in my ring repetoire.  Guess who makes it?  Jessica Simpson.  Another winner from the Momma-to-be. Her fashion empire is growing rapidly, so I think she's found her calling.  Seriously, have you seen her shoes here or here.  To die for.

Have a great holiday weekend and remember to leave me any mentoring ideas in the comments below. Don't forget to enter the Holiday Giveaway.  Entries close on Sunday, December 18th at 11:59PM PT and the winner will be announced on Monday.  


  1. Looks like a fun event!

  2. My suggestion (probably not unexpected):  Find a local theatre that young people are involved in and be present.  See if they have an education director, set up a seminar/classes about auditions, or being in the business, or behaving on the red carpet or continuing to listen and learn or branching out from your first love as an artist...I'm sure you can think of a bunch of things.  It seems like being there for people to see how you behave and what you try to achieve professionally is important, whether or not they ever talk directly to you about it.  

    Congrats on the Variety mention and the nomination.  I miss the Web Files.  It always interested and often inspired.  Plus, you were a darn fun host with a great team.  And to walk into a room and teach a bunch of future or current anythings about making and respecting a great team is probably something that could be stand to be done more.

    Ah, forgive the length.  You caught me in an I should be blogging mood.  Great pictures as always.

  3. Thanks, Michelle!  Those are some great suggestions and they give me something to ponder over the holiday vacation.  Happy Holidays!


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