Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dance Channel TV: Gotta Dance!

Everyone always wants to see the behind the scenes photos of the sets I work on, so I think this one has to be my favorite. I was able to bring my puppy, Indy, to set with me while I shot the opening to my piece on the new documentary, Gotta Dance! She doesn't like to leave my side, so we let her sit at my feet because the shot was from the waist up. So, working in my industry does have its benefits from time to time......take your puppy to work day!

If you haven't had an opportunity to see Gotta Dance!, well, it's time to put it on your list. The documentary by Dori Berinstein follows the inaugural season of the NETsationals, the senior hip-hop dance team for the NJ Nets. I think you will find this movie incredibly inspiring. It truly proves that dance is for everyone! I had the opportunity to interview Dori and several of the dancers including my favorites, Betty and Claire. I sat next to Betty's husband at the premiere in LA and they have to be the nicest couple ever. He really enjoyed his wife's superstardom! I also tried to convince him to take his wife on a date to the Hollywood Bowl while they were in town, I wonder if they ever made it?

For those musical theatre geeks, like me, be sure to check out director Dori Berinstein's other documentary, Show Business: The Road to Broadway. It follows four Broadway shows from the inception of 2003-2004 season all the way to the surprising outcome at the Tony's. Happily, I even caught a glimpse of one of my favorite friends, Denny Downs, in the documentary as he accompanied Kristin Chenoweth to the Tony's that year.

Finally, see my Dance Channel TV report here: Gotta Dance!
By the way, Indy thought I did a good job, she gave me a high five when I was done.

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