Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dance Channel TV

Besides The Web Files, I also host a biweekly show called, the "Can't Miss List", which highlights the latest scoop in dance news. I love hosting the show because we provide a one-stop location to hear what is happening on all of your favorite dance shows, Broadway, and even concert dance. This week's episode features all of the Paula Abdul news you can possibly imagine plus, some interesting comments about Shakira's choreography in her new video. Let me know what you think......good? Bad? I am not a fan of HiHat's work in this video, but I am open to discussion on this.

If you haven't heard the scoop on "Dancing With the Stars", well, they are going to have 16 contestants in the next season. The season will not be longer, just more brutal for the celebrities participating. They will have to endure 3 back-to-back double eliminations, so they will lose a good percentage of the cast in 3 episodes. Do you think this is a good way to shake things up?

Finally, we will be doing a lot of coverage on this movie, "Gotta Dance"! The new movie documents the auditions to the season finale performance of the NETsationals, the senior hip-hop dance team for the NJ Nets. You haven't seen anything like this before. It's a fantastic reminder that dance is for EVERYONE. The movie is already open in NYC and it opens July 21st here in LA.

If you missed our latest "Can't Miss List", click here: Dance Channel TV
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