Thursday, August 27, 2009

Episode 8: Oz Girl

The whole gang with purple bookends........Another interview wrapped!................
My favorite photo of tall Shaun Crawford and our petite makeup artist, Marybeth Bagonghasa....
Guess I wasn't ready for this shot..........
Ah, much better............

I cannot believe I let a week slip by without a post! I was off doing a corporate host gig and I completely fell off of the grid. With that said, I am thrilled we are at the two-month mark with "The Web Files" and that our 8th episode features the talented cast of "Oz Girl". What can I say? This interview fell into our laps on the red carpet at iTVFest in July. We were interviewing them on the red carpet and before you know it, we had to scramble to find a location to shoot our episode with them in 3 days.

The cast and crew, comprised of Sophie Tilson, Shanrah Wakefield, Nick Carlton, and Shaun Crawford, were the hit of iTVFest where the show won Best Web Series and Best Acting. Everywhere they went, people stopped to congratulate them about "Oz Girl". They came in all the from Melbourne, Australia and they were rock stars that week. The show is fresh and funny. The cast is young and so cute! The crew is just genius. When Nick told me he began posting short films on the web in 2000 when he was 10-years-old, I started thinking this episode of "The Web Files" will be pulled out of the archives for E! after his wins his first Oscar.

I noticed an online comment that we needed a bigger couch for the episode. I laughed and I totally agree. We normally plan interviews about a month in advance, but with only 3 days to scramble to assemble our crew and equipment, we took advantage of whatever we could. So, we had a small couch, but a fabulous suite donated by the Ramada Plaza Hotel in West Hollywood. So, many thanks to them for making our show with "Oz Girl" a reality.

I recommend everyone reading this to bookmark, "Oz Girl", and watch one of the most addicting shows on the internet. The story is compelling and Shanrah Wakefield's (AKA Megan) one-liners are hilarious. Beyond being a group of young actors, writers, directors, and producers to watch, they are a fun gang of people to hang out with. Now, hurry with Season 2!!
(And come back to LA soon!)

Check out Episode 8 here: Oz Girl.


  1. Really looking forward to their various upcoming projects.

  2. The clips used in The Web Files episode looked like they had a great visual style so Oz Girl has made my must check this out list. Another great interview.

  3. The photo of Shaun is hilarious, especially when one remembers that he was the infamous cameraman in the episode where Sadie was attacked. He's big enough to snap that guy in two, yet he just sorta stands there for a beat or two wondering what to do.


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