Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Web Files: Episode 2

Hey Everyone,
Episode 2 is launched with the cast from The Crew, one of my favorite web series. If you haven't seen this show, be sure to check it out on KoldcastTV here: The Crew. I first met series creator, Brett Register, at GeekOut '09. I think I grabbed him by the shirt and told him he had to do my new show, The Web Files. I appreciate Brett taking a leap of faith in doing our show sight unseen. We were new, we hadn't launched, but he said "yes" and he kindly invited most of the cast to join us. So, I owe Brett a big "thank you" and a promise that I will be watching Season 2.

For the show, my Executive Producer, Purse Dog TV, and I were looking for a fun location to shoot and boy, we hit one out of the park. The Hollywood Wax Museum kindly donated the space right next to their Star Wars prequel wax figurines. If you haven't visited the wax museum before, be sure to stop on by the next time you are in the area. It is a true Hollywood classic.

We had a lot of challenges with sound because the museum was open to the public and we had the dreaded air conditioning vent blowing throughout the interview. The staff at the museum was awesome though as they directed traffic so the tourists could see Arnold in wax as the Terminator and we could get the scoop on Season 1 of The Crew. My favorite part of the interview is Ariel Lazarus describing how she is positioned at her green screen desk and how she is lit for each scene. Her character, Andrea Lee, is one to watch out for in the engine room!

Next episode is Safety Geeks: SVI starring Tom Konkle and Dave Beeler in their pre-Comic Con appearance. I look forward to hearing your feedback and comments, what series do you want The Web Files to cover?

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

PS A huge thanks to Marybeth Bagonghasa for the incredible hair and makeup. What would I do without you? To Perry Payne, who has worked tirelessly without complaint the last 4 weeks...thank you! And to my super cute bf, thanks for your help on this episode.

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