Monday, July 20, 2009

The Web Files: Review #2

We are on a roll here at The Web Files. Today, I am off to Demi Delia's compound which I found out is just around the corner from me. Who knew we were neighbors?! If you haven't been watching her show, Mommy XXX, it's time to start checking it out on Crackle. It will offer a different perspective into an adult film performer's world. She has a straight-A student daughter and an animal loving, vegan musician for a son. They love their mom, but not necessarily her career.

In other news, we received a really nice write-up from freelance journalist, Jacob Nahin. Thanks, Jacob, we really appreciate. You can check it out here: The Web Files Review.

I will post a photo from the shoot later. If you haven't seen The Web Files yet, what are you waiting for? The Web Files

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