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Media Contact:
Sandra J. Payne
SPwrite Productions, LLC
(818) 693-4100

July 8, 2009

“The Web.Files” Launches:

New Web Series Interviews “Web Celebs”

“The Web.Files” gives viewers the inside scoop about the hottest series on the web, and the “Web Celebs” who create them.

Los Angeles, California (July 8, 2009) – In a crowded field where new web series seem to pop up daily, “The Web.Files,” stands alone as the first entertainment talk show to cover the “Web Celebs” who create them.

The inaugural episode of “The Web.Files” launches July 8, 2009, from multiple platforms across the web, including on its own YouTube channel at The Web Files. Designed as a weekly talk/interview show, each 5- to 7-minute episode delves into the inner workings of, and behind-the-scenes stories related to, the hottest shows on the web.

Hosted by entertainment correspondent, red carpet veteran and “The Web.Files” creator, Kristyn Burtt, Episode 1 features Tay Zonday of “Chocolate Rain” fame talking over cupcakes at Studio City bakery, Big Sugar. Burtt asks him about how he went from obscurity to having a breakout video with more than 39 million hits in just 2 years.

“…It really had not happened before,” Zonday said of his unprecedented transition from living room musician to Internet sensation. It begged an important question: What do you do once you’re a “Web Celeb”?

Burtt, who initially bumped into Zonday at Tubefilter’s GeekOut! ’09, an event “celebrating your inner geek,” wanted to know the answer to that question and more. It was her curiosity about the people behind the videos, podcasts and web series with download appeal that got “The Web.Files” off the ground.

The idea for the show began during her red carpet coverage of the March 28, 2009, Streamy Awards. Burtt found that the people she was talking with that night had fascinating stories to tell about their journeys to Internet fame. She knew immediately that she’d like to be the one to help tell those stories to the world.

So, she created “The Web.Files” as a show centered around “Web Celebs”—essentially, the principals involved in creating the best, most-watched, highest-rated, and most talked about series on the web.

Burtt then contacted award-winning filmmaker, Sandra J. Payne, whose SPwrite Productions, LLC, was about to launch its first web series, “Life with Kat & McKay” on its new portal,

Both passionate about New Media, Burtt and Payne decided to combine forces to produce “The Web.Files.” They have several shows completed and many more guests already booked. New shows will upload each Wednesday by 5 a.m. EST.

Follow “The Web.Files” on Twitter at The Web Files, or find us on Facebook under the profile, TheWeb Files.

About Kristyn Burtt

Dynamic TV host, Kristyn Burtt, has been in front of the camera on network television shows such as ShopNBC and MSNBC’s pilot, “The Arena,” with Jesse Ventura. She is currently the entertainment correspondent for Focus Hollywood, and she co-hosts a show for Toyota called “Toyota Live!” across America. Her corporate clients include some of the biggest names in the country: Mattel, HP, Dolby, Sony, LG Electronics, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. With a background in dance, a degree from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she graduated with honors, and a love of adventure, Burtt’s diverse background gives her the perfect basis for covering the multitude of topics and people found on the web.

About SPwrite Productions, LLC

SPwrite Productions, founded by Sandra J. Payne, has produced multiple award-winning films, including “Everybody Games,” a Platinum Remi winner from WorldFest Houston 2009, three trailer winners for the Austin Film Festival trailer competition, winning in 2004, 2005, and 2007, and “The Secret Lives of Shopping Carts,” which won a Bronze award for best comedy short film from WorldFest Houston in 2001.

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