Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Web Files: Episode 1

Hey Everyone!
It's an exciting day here over at The Web Files. We have Episode 1 launched and ready for viewing. I feel like we have been talking about this day forever, but it has only been 3 1/2 months from idea to conception. Our first guest is Tay Zonday, the hit sensation from YouTube. If you haven't heard "Chocolate Rain" yet, trust me, you will have it in your head all day after watching our show. Tay put a lot of faith into allowing us to interview him as our first guest on a show he has yet to see....until today. Behind that booming voice, Tay is intelligent, funny, and a total sport. Seriously, I take the man to Big Sugar for chocolate cupcakes and he has a gluten allergy. Way to go, KB!

I think you will be surprised at the man behind "Chocolate Rain". Think about it.....a grad student in Minnesota goes from making a video in his living room to posting it on YouTube to Jimmy Kimmel's couch to 39 million hits on YouTube. Pretty amazing in my book, but the question Tay is continuing to answer is where do you go from here? Stay tuned to The Web Files and to Tay Zonday to find out.

Reporting Live from my last day of vacation somewhere in the US,

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