Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DWTS Season 18: The Switch Up

Okay, I'm officially confused. When they announced the partner switch on GMA this morning, there was very little explanation. In the official ABC press release, we got this:

When I read the statement, it sounded like it was a permanent switch at some point in the season. Then a very reliable source, The Hollywood Reporter, came up with this:

So ABC offers up no time frame while THR offers up one week. Which one is it? Well, I went straight to the source to ask the question.

ABC spokesperson Kristen Anders replied, "There is no official quote other than what's on the press release (which is up on abcmedianet.com). We haven't released any other details, it will be announced in show. Thanks!"

So the answer is that there is no official answer…yet. It's going to be up to Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews to give us the inside scoop at some point in the season.

What do you think of The Switch Up? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. If it's a one week thing, it's a great idea. It think it can really let us viewers see how well the pros do. Ex: Mark has Candace and Val has Danica, but the swap and suddenly Candace does well, it's going to make Val look good. Maybe it will put some pressure on the pros from the start to put out some of their best work.

    If it's a swap for the rest of the season, I'm not a fan of it. Part of why I love DWTS is for the partnerships it creates. Andy, Jack, and Bill weren't the best dancers, but the partnerships that they had with Sharna, Cheryl and Emma made me really root for them. I also think it could cause controversy for the pros in the sense of "who gets the MBT?" and I don't really feel like listening to people complain in the end :)

    In the end though, they want to get people talking about DWTS, and they are certainly doing that! Numbers always dip with TV shows mid-season, so maybe this will help with that. It seems they threw the plan out there without knowing what they're doing, which isn't my favorite though.

    Thanks for doing a bit more research, Kristyn!

  2. literally the dumbest idea ever. build up a relationship and chemistry with a partner, invest time into teaching them skills and making them a good dancer, then have that taken away and given to someone else??? what bullshit. plus, how is it even going to work?
    i've heard that it's one week, but after the week the celebrity can decide if they want to stay with the new partner or go back to the old partner.
    also, during that week can the couple be eliminated? who gets eliminated? the celeb and the new pro, or the old pro?

  3. I like the idea, I think it will show who has the ability to learn from anyone! I also wonder if they can be swapped with both eliminated pros and the troupe. I saw an interview with Sharna, on the on the red carpet website, saying that the switch was only for a week but the celeb had the power to choose to make it permanent or to go back to their original partner. It will make for interesting TV that's for sure

  4. I think the bottom line on this is ABC is going to try and pull out all the stops to bring back interest and bring ratings up, With all the changes they have made already and now this Switch Up they are trying to get as much buzz going as they can In hopes of getting more people to watch. Sometimes change is good and sometimes not, I just hope they got rid of that glitter pit thing, was not a big fan of that. Thinking more on this Switch Up thing, They seem to be putting a lot of pressure on the celeb than on the pro, You don't know how to dance your working your way through learning to trust your pro and your pro learning how to teach you then bang it's all new, not sure I'm going to be a fan of it, but like the rest of the changes guess will have to give this a chance too.

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  6. Sharna said in her OTRC interview that America decides which partner the celeb gets for a week and then the celeb can decide to either stay with that partner for the rest of the season OR go back to the original partner. There's always a chance Sharna misunderstood something and that isn't the case (as no one even at ABC seems to know the rules) but if so I highly doubt any celeb will decide to stay with the new pro. It would be a slap in the face to the original pro and make the celeb look pretty bad I think.

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