Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DWTS Season 18: Gleb Savchenko

What a show! Everyone was hyped up with enthusiasm that I had to quiet the crowds a bit so we could get through 12 dances, new baby, new hosts, smaller band, skybox back, judges' table, voting procedures, etc. It was a lot of material for a 50-minute show.

It will get easier as the weeks go on, but we are thrilled to have Julz Tocker joining us this season. A big thanks to Gleb Savchenko for adding his "I loved it!" commentary from the couch. First elimination next week…do you agree with our predictions? 

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Hi Kristyn!!! Sooo happy you guys are back. Sooo happy for season 18. Sooo happy the glitter pit is gone and the judges are on the right side!

    Saw the afterbuzz show and as always you guys were great! I missed Jake but I think Julz Tocker held his own. He made interesting points.

    You guys talked about everything and I agreed with a lot of you said. I won't get in all the couples but just some thoughts.
    I was not surprised when you mentioned the whole Maks requesting a contender to come back. I think everyone kind of suspect it. I do have to say I don't think he's the right person for Meryl and I really do think that he will be the weak link in the couple. He's a great dancer but he's not a great choreographer and I think Meryl needs someone at a higher level. It will be interesting to see what happens with the switch up because I'll bet everything that Derek's fans vote for him to dance with Meryl. He couldn't have her for the show because you're right, it wouldn't have been fair, but the switch up is fair game and one thing people want to see is Derek's choreography with someone who can dance. In Maks defense, I have to say he looked very happy and from the interviews he gave he seems to have a different approach to the show and wants to enjoy it more.

    I have to say I agree with Anna about the chemistry between Karina and Sean Avery. I'm sorry, but no chemistry at all. You guys may be right that we have to warm up to him but, did you notice that he danced, got his scores and was never seen again??? I don't know, not my cup of tea.

    In a nut shell, very excited to see what Danika, Candice, Drew (very surprised) and, of course, Charlie will bring to the competition.

    As a Derek fan, what more can be said about Amy Purdy?! I'm a huge fan of the Paralympics because these athletes are beyond amazing and inspirational. So to have Amy on the show is great! I'm glad to see Derek with a new challenge and see what else this man can do! Just amazing!

    I feel very bad for Emma and Henry this season. Emma was soooo great last season and I think she'll be one of the first to leave. As for Henry, completely agree with you. First to go. Poor Henry. He deserves a contender. Let's just hope he doesn't become the next Tristan (who never got a contender) because he's beyond talented!

    Again soooo happy to see you guys and please get Jake as a guest judge if you can!

    Much love,


    1. Hi Ana!
      I was listening to fans' reactions today and there's lots of Sean negativity out there….could he be the first one to go home?
      I agree with you…tons of good dancers, but Candace and Drew were nice surprises. Amy has a wonderful spirit and she's a great dancer. A nice challenge for Derek's skill level.
      I feel bad for Henry because the audience doesn't know him yet and Diana is the least well-known contestant. That makes it tough. He's such a great dancer.
      And YES…a energized Maks is a great thing for the show. Thanks for watching!

    2. Kristyn, didn't they talk about this girl on DWTS last year? I looove this!!!! Soooo amazing! I hope the show has her on.

      This was very interesting.

    3. Second paragraph!!! She dated the new guy in the troupe?? :O

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  4. Here we are for (one of) that time of the year that we love so much: DWTS!
    I missed you guys so much (gonna miss Jake, but Julz has good comments too).
    I pretty much agree with everything said, expecially for Anna (BTW: Baby Trebunskaya is A DO RA BLE!). I'm in love with Candace, the way she is directly with Mark and, especially, how she is excited for being HIS partner (I bet her daughter felt the same way, I mean, who wouldn't, LOL), I didn't feel the chemestry (which includes trust, honesty and respect to one another) between Mark and one of his partner since back in season 8, even with Katherine I didn't feel that much. Candace & Mark just bonded. I was missing that very much from Mark and I'm looking forward for what he has to show us. I like Maks (when he is funny), but I do think he is just back because he (thinks) will "WIN" this time (and I'm pretty much feeling like the All-Star season that not the really winner took home the MBT...), because he got Meryl, but fact is: Maks isn't a good choreographer, he has his presence, but I do not enjoy his choreo and that's it. Val is much better with that, and I think if Maks didn't have come back, Val (or Mark) would be with Meryl. Well, we will just have to wait and see how the audience will react this season. I only hope for fairness about scores (and how TPTB manage situations) and constructive criticism from the judges.

    Hope I can catch up as much as possible this season. I got a pretty busy schedule.
    Love ya, Krystin & gang!
    Massive love from this brazilian fan!! :)

    1. Hello, Geórgia! We've missed you! Yes! So happy that Mark really feels good about this shows. I am interested to see what Maks does. He really needs to step up the choreography with Meryl because she's that good. See you soon!!

    2. Thanks for your kidness, Krystin!! It was killing me what I said about Maks isn't a good choreographer, because it's not that. Sometimes he can surprises. I take it back. I guess the point is that he never really had a partner that would be THAT contender, a.k.a a good dancer (maybe just back in season 5), so he's kinda "lost". On the other hand what you said made me realize what he really needs: step up the choreography! Besides this, I really wish Maks interact more with his partner while dancing, because Meryl was looking at him for so long and he barely look at her and a look would help to support his partner while need. So, let's see what week two brings to us.
      See ya!

  5. Loved the show. Disagreed with Suri on Erin. I don't think she is an improvement. Also, interesting comment regarding Danica but I still believe she isn't being honest about her ballroom experience. Also DWTS has got to stop bringing on old contestants like Billy Dee. He may have been flattered but he looked awful and it is a demeaning for him. Bill Engval was older but he had the ability to improve. Emma deserves better too.

    1. Hi Jude! I like Erin, but she's definitely a 180-degree difference from Brooke, so I get why people miss Brooke. Even though Danica's package did not show her ballroom experience, I didn't think she danced like she had a ton of experience either. I thought Candace, Meryl and Charlie easily out-danced her on Monday night. We will see what happens with that situation.

      Yeah…BDW is awesome, but it's going to be tough for him this season. Emma is great at choreographing creatively.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. bonjour beauty
    I think billy dee is out first! emma dance alone ... I love it but it would not be fair to the other candidates who were better .. anyway the staging and choreography on Star Wars was very beautiful when same congratulations emma .
    bigggg kissssss kritsyn bye au revoir xoxoxoxoxo

    1. I love henry too but I do not know if it will go away with diana xxx I had a crush on sharna and charlie but wait to see more! lol we all have our preference I guess! hahaha good luck to all .. I love val his partner reminds me kelly Monaco they were my favorite season 15

  7. Great show, will miss Jake but was glad to hear he is working. The first thing that came to me was the new band, I'm really gonna miss the old one, think that was the only bad change from last season. Wow what a cast of good dancers for this season, I kind of feel bad for Billy and Diana having to compete with all the talent around them.

    I do have to say all the talk of Danica's ballroom training I think was bs, I really didn't see a trained dancer, from what I have found out and I may be wrong, But she was taught a tango, One dance of a tango for a movie or a show something like that, big difference from dance training.

    I do agree either Billy or Diana will be going home, But we have seen some shocking results in seasons passed, so we will just have to wait until Monday.

    1. Oh one more thing to add, an early prediction for the final, Meryl vs Charlie.


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