Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DWTS Season 18: Elena Grinenko

I knew Elena Grinenko was going to be a great guest since she had been a pro on the show during Seasons 3 and 4 plus she had worked with Charlie White and Meryl Davis. However, she was really good when it came to her constructive criticism and insight. She made me think more about what the pros go through in the rehearsal studio and where the show has evolved in terms of breaking rules and choreography.

Here is the link to her new studio: LA Ballroom Studio which opens officially next Monday, March 31.

I was super frustrated at the treatment Henry Byalikov and Diana Nyad received this week since they just deserved better. I don't care that it was week one and they were the first to go. Every contestant should have the same opportunity to dance and receive their proper scores. There were so many other controversies this week that we touched upon, but this one irked me the most.

If you missed the show, you can watch it below.

Let me know which controversy bugged you the most this week. Hit me up in the comments below.


  1. hi everyone ! the beautiful team
    hi kristyn
    very sad for henry too! I think bily dee must go first! he does not dance! emma does all the work lol! henry deserved a little longer! xoxox

    mwahhhh to all au revoir bonne nuit xxxxxx kristyn

  2. I totally agree with you about the shoddy way Diana Nyad and her partner Henry Byalikov were eliminated - and then immediately asked to dance their cha cha cha! And, like Suri Serano, I was pained to hear she was in tears over her first week's costume. At least she looked grand the second week - hair, dress, make-up, the works. What a classy lady!

  3. Hi, Krystin!
    It was my very first time watching the aftershow live and it felt great! :) Although it seems I have more to say when I watch it this way. LOL. So, sorry for that, but thank you for reading my comments anyway.

    My feeling when I finished watch the second week of DWTS was: WTF?! It was a total mess! The awful "surprise" of double elimination, not knowing the order they would performe, the elimination of Diana & Henry and then still ask them to performe their routine... I mean... WHAT?! Diana (I do agree it wouldn't work if it's anyone else) was WAY adorable and sweet about the whole situation, because - bring it to my reality - I'd be SO pissed that I wouldn't even remember the routine itself. I felt so sorry for them and I appreciate how you guys pointed out TPTB's cruelty!

    I'm enjoying very much Maks & Meryl's partnership (it's so cute see her acting with some sort of shameless and SO comfortable with Maks - nice to see Maks really having fun), but he still needs to step up his choreography and he truly has THE one to do it (I also enjoyed he interacting more with her during the performance).

    Also felt sorry for Candace, because she's so good and deserved so better (starting with the song), and for Tony (never saw him polited "talking back" to the judges), for having calling out for something that it seems is correct; plus Sean Avary, because I'm thinking he'd keep being a good surprise, also I thought Karina has the fanbase to keep them for at least few more weeks. Amy Purdy is a inspiring woman in all aspects.

    I'd like to talk about Emma... if DWTS producers are trying very hard to find the "next Julianne Hough" (as I sometimes read before on www.puredwts.com) - from my perspective: a professional dancer who's pretty, funny, awesome dancer & teacher & choreographer-, I'm pretty sure they got it in Emma. The girl is spetacular and still has the accent...

    To wrap up, I wish Anna Trebunskaya, Shirley Ballas and/or Corky Ballas (Mark is looking like his father as much as he gets old! Even the voice is the same!!!) were guest judges as well! But if non-professionals will guest-judging, then I think Kirsty Alley would be great entertainment, plus she did the show twice. You said Furgie would be nice, I agree, although add to that list Jennifer Lopez ("Shall we dance?")!

    Massive Love from this brazilian fan!
    Bliss & Blessings!

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    2. Just a quick thought: Can we have a fair show (to the contestants and to the audience) and also have a good entertainment OR is the drama (and unfairness feeling) that really makes a tv show works?

      By the way, Elena Grinenko was one of the best guests DWTS after show ever had!!! Congratulations!

  4. Such a crap move, It just show's they will do anything to stair up ratings and really do not care about the person they just stepped on, Diana and Henry should have not been eliminated like that, they deserved more dignity than that.

  5. Great show and your guest was amazing. I was so disgusted with the producers this week. In the effort to create buzz for the show they were incredibly insensitive to the celebs and the pros. I wonder about what Sean said at GMA though and if there is truth to that. Another example of creating buzz by sensationalizing a back story. It is one thing to make changes to a stale format and another to do so on the backs of nice people. Truly a new low for the show. Loved your analysis,


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