Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DWTS Season 18: Paul Karmiryan

What a hot show! I thought that the Sean Avery controversy was going to be our big topic. Nope, the Switch info came down late in the afternoon and my mouth dropped a bit when I heard the names of some of the couples. I know that PureDWTS did a lot of research to track the partnerships and I certainly saw those same names in my Twitter feed. When those names didn't match up, I knew that something was up…the producers know they screwed up the Twitter vote.

Thank you to Paul Karmiryan for joining us and adding his insight to this week's show. I loved that he, Anna and Julz didn't agree on everything this week. It proves how personal art can be and as viewers we all share different opinions on what we saw. As a panel, we don't always agree and that's what I love about doing the DWTS AfterBuzz TV show.

If you missed the show, watch it below.

Let me know your thoughts on the Sean Avery controversy. Dumped from the show or voted off?

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  1. You rock it, Girl. Thanks for the mention for PureDWTS and another great show!! LOVED Paul! He did such a good job. Hope you will have him again as well as Gleb!xx


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