Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Response to the Naysayers Regarding the DWTS Switch

I normally don't reply to tweets like this, but this season I know I have more followers and some people may not know how I operate. I feel like it's fair to at least explain where I am coming from. While I may host AfterBuzz TV's DWTS show, my day job is working as an entertainment reporter. I like to sniff out the inside scoop. I've done that a few times with DWTS like here and here, but I always make sure to double check my sources. If I can't cross-reference it, I don't report it. You know I will always spill the beans when I can.

Yesterday, before we went live on our Week 3 show, some information about the Switch came down to us. I was stunned. Knowing how hard many of you worked on voting for the best possible matches for your favorite celebs and pros, I felt that the results negated all of your work. My source asked me not to reveal the names and I respected that wish. I would never put someone's job on the line for scoop.

We hinted about that voting issue at the end of the show this week. Instead of being vague about what we said, I clarified as much as I could via Twitter. I like transparency and I try to deliver it as much as possible. While I would have loved to have given you the list, I couldn't. I just wanted all of you to be prepared for the new partnerships. I don't mind the idea of the switch for one week at all, but the execution kind of stinks. As fans of the show, you deserve better.

This gives you a better idea of where I am coming from, but my integrity and #TruthInReporting hashtag means a lot to me and my career.

A big thanks to DWTSGossip and PureDWTS for their support and for having my back….working together is always way better than working against each other. I wish more people would adopt this philosophy. 


  1. Aren't the show's ratings seeing a bit of a resurgence? I hated the idea of the switch-up from the start, but I doubt the audience is so sore about it that they will leave the show. It doesn't matter at this point, because viewers will stay tuned in. It's so common for people to threaten to leave a show because of certain developments, but the fact is they're right there the following week tuning in at the normally scheduled time. This too shall pass, and no one will see a real connection between the results of a one week switch-up and the results of the finale. It won't make a significant difference one way or the other.

  2. Krystin, I support you no matter what. Those who don't, I'm just sorry for their level of maturity. Keep being yourself and you'll keep succeeding. Massive love & respect from this brazilian fan!

  3. hello / bonjour kristyn
    you do a very good job, you do what you can for my part I always follow you because I am always accomodated on the show.
    I keep very good memories of with some small mentions thank you for that.
    for the switch I think many vote for either pro or either can be the stars that he can give a chance to the other couple won even though I do not like seeing a change new partner couple, it's just interesting to see how a star adapts to a new partner that can be beneficial or negative.
    I do not understand everything about your publication kristyn because of the language because there are words that I can not seem to translate and therefore forgiveness if you do not understand any of my text (lol)
    you are a beautiful team at soon ! suri , anna and julian .... and jake soon i hope kisss to all

  4. Hey, Kristyn :)

    I hope you see this!!!

    I'm sorry to be posting here but it's the only place because I know there's still isn't enough time to take fan questions. But this is actually for you guys because the interviews were VERY interesting. Particulary Val, Nene and Sharna. Sharna is sooo amazing. I just loved her honesty. The three of them were very honest about what they felt and saw during this week. I'm sure you've seen them, but if not and you get to talk about these it would be so great because you guys have a very honest insight about the show.

    Can't wait :)

  5. oh and also I find that sometimes the judges score the strange attitudes or bizar lol should review for new judges lol good day and good show kristyn for tonight xoxo


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