Wednesday, April 23, 2014

AfterBuzz TV DWTS Season 18: Henry Byalikov

It was so great to be back in studio this week. I missed everyone! We had a bit of last minute shuffling going on with Julz having to rehearse (not-DWTS related) and Sasha Farber having DWTS rehearsal. It's okay though because we had the amazing Henry Byalikov in studio with us. He's been such a good friend to the show back to our early days in Season 15 with just Suri and me. Go back and watch an episode, it's sooooo different from the panel we have now.

The Party Anthem week was eh-okay to me. I am looking forward to Latin Week with Ricky Martin. Now that's what I call exciting! Drew exited this week which I was sad about since he made a huge impression on me personality-wise.

I called NeNe again for an exit next week, but a few people made a strong case for Candace (No! I'm not ready for her to leave yet.) exiting.

Who do you think will leave? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Hey Kristyn!!

    By far my favorite afterbuzz this season. You guys covered everything, gave amazing insights, had time to talk in detail about all the dances, you rocked!

    I have a question. I'm soooo glad Maks finally stepped it up but I'm still a little skeptical if the whole meltodown was true. What I'm not liking is that DWTS seems to be focusing more on Maks journey and not Meryl's. Every interview, every show, every blog that talks or writes about DWTS is about Maks and not about Meryl. What do you think?

    Macy's Dance was incredible. I would have liked it more if it hadn't been in such a contained space. I like to see the dancers and have them spread out but there's no denying it was another amazing piece.

    Can't wait for next week :)

  2. Hey Kristyn,

    Glad to have you back. I have to say I'm losing faith that a fan vote really matters at all anymore. Does anyone else think It's a little funny that everywhere you read or heard from last week that NeNe was not getting much of or any support from fan votes But she just happened to be the first one to be safe, Really. I did comment of a few of them and told people there was NO way they where letting her off the show, and people told me I was crazy, Drama breeds ratings and that will win every time. I also agree they have been setting up for Candace to go home next, She is a much better dancer than NeNe but without the Drama and that's why it will be Candace. Feel bad for Drew and I do not believe he had the lowest number of votes, I know this would never happen but would love to see what the numbers really are, and take the behind the scene bs out of it, one could only wish.

    Also not looking forward to the guest judge in two weeks, I have looked at her show from time to time and the way she treats children well lets just say The world would be a better place if she was off TV and away from them.

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  4. Hi, Kristyn! Great to see you back!
    I love Henry!!! He is always such a great guest! I have been keeping an eye on him since the All-Star season, when I first started following DWTS - unfortunately only late on that season that I heard about the aftershow (so I had to catch it all up before the finals - it was fun!). I'm glad the panel is bigger now, I LOVE Anna's comments and, as I said before, I wish she can guest judge on DWTS.

    Again, great show! I share most of the thoughts of everybody.

    Looking forward for next week on DWTS: RICKY MARTIN?! I mean, I would freakout if I had to share the same space of the guy. He exudes HOTNESS!!! I LOVE him and I do think he's gonna be a great guest judge.

    By the way, I'm not ready to see Candace go either (and I do agree 100% of what you said about her in your last post of how great role model she is). I think it should be Nene before her, because I think the final 4 are already set. On the other hand, surprises and "surprises" always happened before on the history of DWTS.

    Looking forward for next week's Afterbuzz too! Can't wait to see Chelsie Hightower on the show! I just love the girl and I miss her on DWTS too.

    Massive love & respect from this Brazilian fan! ;)


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