Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DWTS Season 18: Artem Chigvintsev & Jenna Johnson

What a rowdy show! I hope you had as much fun as we did. It was a little crazy trying to get in all of our thoughts about Julianne Hough's judging, the Switch-Up, the low scores for Candace Cameron Bure and Macy's Stars of Dance.

Artem Chigvintsev and Jenna Johnson were so much fun. I hope to see Jenna back on the show when we kick SYTYCD back into high gear in late May.

If you missed the show, watch it below.

What are your thoughts on Candace's scores? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Hey Kristyn :)

    Good show last night. I love how you're handling the whole "Familia" issue and Jullianne's comment. You said at the beginning of this season you wanted a clean non ringer no fuss show and I'm glad you chose that route. :)

    Have to say Artem was a really good guest. Just like Sharna I like that he speaks his mind and gave very honest insights on the dances. You should have him again with Sharna. :)

    Interesting fact about Derek's Macy's Star of Dance. I don't know if you knew but he choreographed a piece for Misty Copeland for the YAGP 15th Anniversary “Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow” Gala which is tomorrow and guess what? The music is called "Ameksa".

    I have no idea how it all works but the programme did say this dance would be a world premier. But Derek showed it on DWTS. I guess since he's the creator of it he can do what he wants. But, it will be interesting to see the similarities.

    Here's the YAGP programme http://www.yagp.org/wordpress/?page_id=2947

    Misty Copeland (American Ballet Theatre)
    with Paul Barris
    Alexander Demkin
    and Roman Kutskyy (Ballroom Guest Artists) Ameska – WORLD PREMIERE
    Choreography: Derek Hough
    Music: Ameska
    Costumes: Vesa Designs
    Projection Design: José Parla

    Much love,

    1. Just found this on Misty's instagram


      Can't wait to see her dance it. Derek really is something out of this world.

  2. Hey Krystin!
    First of all, it'd sound repetitive, but what a great show! "I LOVED it"! :)

    There was a lot of mixed opinions and I agree with most of them. I think the Switch-Up (for ONE week ONLY) was good to shake things up a little bit and then come back stronger to their original partiners, although I wasn't very excited for the it, maybe because the producers diceded it to be chosen by twitter vote and then the votes were actually pointless (and we all know that).

    On the other hand, I liked too much how the couples were paired anyway, it was how I was wishing for some of them, especially Derek, so we'd see how creative the guy really is.

    BUT, I think if it was chosen by the own celebrities picking up the names of the professionals from a box, it'd maybe feel better.

    There were couples screwed by the comments of the judges or by their scores and just felt right. But, least the songs could be better chosen for each style of dance, please! I won't say who pro I think is better than the other, because I don't intent to hurt anyone's feelings (a.k.a EGO).

    I think there'll be a shocking elimination next week, although I think Candace (I think she felt more comfort with Tony than Mark) can be the one going home, unfortunately.

    I'll be amazing to have Hanry back in the studio, but I'll miss ya leading next week, Krystin!
    Massive love from this brazilian loyal fan!! :)

    1. Good news…Henry will be in studio next week since he missed the other show. YAY!

  3. Hey Kristyn!!!

    I know you must be crazy busy but trust me. This is a gem. :D

    Under the sea – Corky and Shirley Ballas


    Mark is definitely a mini Corky in this video! So cool Mark got to dance to this song.


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