Thursday, March 13, 2014

Best of Japan Week: Takumi Japan's Works of Artistry

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At Japan Week last weekend, Takumi Japan was on hand to share some unique products from Japan's small businesses and artisans. The presence of the company at the event showcased the spirit of monozukuri which means to "make things" in Japanese. It was an opportunity for attendees to be exposed to the rich history of Japanese artists to the rest of the world.

Japan Week is an annual event that promotes the country as a premiere travel destination. This year's event was held in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station in New York City from March 6-8. The program offered visitors an opportunity to get a closer look at the culture of the country and hopefully, inspire them to travel to Japan to experience it firsthand. From food to cuisine, the event showcased the best Japan has to offer from the last 100 years to the present.

The crowds took in a 100-year-old Taisho-themed bar, an early 20th-century Japanese cafe, with servers dressed in traditional garb while sampling sake from different regions of the country. There was also a virtual reality theater that provided an immersive experience of Japan's history. It truly was a celebration of the old and the new about a country filled with a rich culture and heritage.

As one of the exhibitors participating in the third annual event, Takumi Japan made sure to bring in some of the most gorgeous pieces that were created with "the finest of technologies and meticulous attention to details."

On display in the Takumi Japan booth were hand-crafted glass, metal and wood, beautiful fabrics, and other works of artistry to introduce Japanese traditions, techniques, designs, flavors, local qualities and other characteristics unique to Japan. The attendees clamored to the booth to get a look at the exquisite items brought to the event.

If you missed the exciting program, you can check out some of the incredible items the company offers on their comprehensive website. From stunning items for kitchen and table decor to rich fashions and textiles, Takumi Japan curates some of the finest artisan pieces for your home and lifestyle.

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