Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oscars Dress: A Cry For Fashion

I'm headed to the Oscars!  In exactly 19 days from now, I will be on the red carpet interviewing all of the nominees on Hollywood's biggest night.  There's only one problem...I still need a dress.  So, I am putting a call out to you...on the internet, on social media, and wherever else this little post might get passed around.  So, if you are a designer, established or up-and-coming, or if you know someone, pass them my information.  I can always be contacted here.

Me and my dress at the 84th Annual Academy Awards in the Toledo Free Press

In exchange for letting me borrow the gown, the designer will be promoted with a video, photos, across all social media outlets, and of course, it will be plugged on any media appearances I make before and after the show.  As we all know, the biggest question on Oscar night is, "Who are you wearing?"

If you want to see what I've worn in the past, take a look at Oscars 2011 and Oscars 2012.  I also found a beautiful vintage dress in the window at Decades.  That might be my dream dress.

While I am LA-based, I am hitting the road on Friday to cover Oscars trip across the country. I will be in Chicago through February 13th, so if there are any Chicago designers out there....hit me up!

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