Sunday, February 17, 2013

What's In My Gift Bag?: Oz The Great and Powerful Edition

If you were following me yesterday on Twitter, I'm sure you caught a few of my Oz The Great and Powerful tweets.  For a Disney dork like me, it was absolute heaven seeing some of the props, costumes, and interviewing the cast for iVillage. (And dressing up like Glinda for a photo!) I am embargoed from talking about the film until March 6th, but I will give you the hint that I will be seeing it again.

I will have photos, interviews, and articles the first week of March for you. In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to go through the press gift bag.  Here's what I received:

A really sturdy branded tote with pockets.  Nice!

 A stuffed Finley monkey and a Theodora doll

 I'm not much of a T-shirt gal, but I love the print on this one.

 A zoetrope which is one of Oz's gadgets in the film. Cool! It's up for sale, too! 

This trio might be some of my favorites: Danny Elfman's soundtrack, a gorgeous book on The Art of Oz, and a catalogue of the merchandise partnership with HSN.  I'm hoping to do an article on the HSN line. It's stunning!

This is the most useful to me:  OPI-branded nail polish and Urban Decay makeup.  I'm thrilled I received the Glinda pack since we have the same coloring.


  1. Fun collection of stuff. I bet the art book is a good read, the how we put the costumes together coverage on Disney has been interesting. It seems like makeup is becoming an easy (and popular) link to promote projects.

    1. OPI has been brilliant with their Hollywood campaigns. Their Bond line of nail polish was amazing. The HSN merchandise is pretty cool too. I think it airs in early March, but some of the pieces are incredible...and affordable.


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