Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I Learned At My First Comic Con

Sooooo out of my element.

Okay, I made it to my first Comic Con. Honestly, this isn't my genre and I was totally out of place.  I might like Makeup Con or Dress Con or Shoe Con, but Sci-fi and comic book characters are usually off my radar.  I was fortunate enough to have a shoot down in San Diego on the first day of the Con, so I decided to head on over after we wrapped.  It was timed perfectly since I had a few friends speaking on a panel that I wanted to attend and I would still have time to walk the floor to check out all of the chaos.

Here is what I learned from the 7.5 hours I spent at Comic Con 2012:

1.  Crowds and Chaos:  I shot a quick video (Like 39 seconds short. Watch it!) of the floor for a friend and you can see how there is barely any room to move on the convention floor.  This was on a Thursday.  Can you imagine what Saturday looks like?

2.  Shoes:  I figure I walked about five miles in my few hours at the Con.  Ladies, this is not the day to break in a new pair of heels.  You walk a lot, so bring your most comfortable pair of shoes you own whether that is a pair of flats, sneakers, or your Crocs. (This is the only time I will ever recommend a pair of Crocs. Ever.) I wore my favorite Repetto flats and I was a happy girl.

3.  Cosplay:  Yep, you will see lots of costumes, wardrobe, and props at this show. It's hilarious, wondrous, and overwhelming.  In fact, people made fun of me for bringing my giant purse instead of a backpack (I don't own a backpack!) yet it is totally normal for a grown man to be dressed like Facebook. (Look at the photo!)  I couldn't even see my friends on the panel because My Little Pony was sitting in front of me.  (See photo below to witness the yellow pony with a pink mane.)

Overall, I was glad I attended to finally see what the Con was all about. I had fun socializing and supporting my friends, but I am not sure if this will be an annual trip for me.......but just watch, I'll be back next year.  That's what everyone is telling me.  

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