Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Behind The Red Carpet: Sources In Hollywood

Often times when I provide insider scoop on entertainment topics and state that it came from one of my "sources", I will receive comments asking, "Who is your source?" or "Who told you?"  I always chuckle because if the person wanted to be named, I would definitely name them.  In most cases, the information was slipped to me by someone who is in the inner circle of that celebrity which means I cannot reveal the source.  I try my best to deliver honest and reliable information from quality sources.  I have been fairly successful with scoop like this and this, however, this story continues to stump me.  I may just call off that Baby Bump Watch, but the real question is who are these sources?

In Hollywood, the information comes from personal assistants, stylists, makeup artists, publicists, chiropractors, fitness instructors, valets, hotel staff, waiters......well, you get the idea.  The juiciest stories tend to come from the nannies because they often reveal the struggle of being a working parent, a celebrity, and trying to balance the public versus private image.  It isn't easy.

If you work at a high end property or business, chances are you are going to encounter many celebrities.  Some places like Chateau Marmont are known for their discretion with its no photo/Tweeting policy, but almost everywhere else, it is open season for celebs.  Staff members at hotels supplement their income by selling their stories to the tabloids or provide tips to the paparazzi as to who is staying at the property. There is very little privacy when you are in the public eye. (How do  you think the paparazzi know about flight schedules at LAX?  Yep, some airline staff member sold that celebrity out.)

For someone like me, I develop relationships with people from all different sectors of the industry since I cover entertainment, fashion, events, and more.  I find that the more people know about my job, the more they dish.  Everyone wants to be on the inside and have information, so they like to share what they know.  I hear it all.  From a tabloid love triangle that constantly makes the press due to the Twitter war between the two women to the sweaty and gross film director who is rude to just about everyone he encounters, people love to talk. The worse the star's behavior, the more dish you get.

How do stars protect themselves? Well, the bigger the celeb, the more likely they are to make their household staff sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  Employees of A-Listers often have to sign binding confidentiality agreements because the actors need to trust those that are a part of their daily lives.  They do it to protect their reputation, their children, and most importantly, their safety and privacy.  While I am sure some staff members find loopholes in these agreements and sell off a story to TMZ (Have you noticed how accurate their stories usually are?  Remember, Harvey Levin is a lawyer, he's not messing around.), most staff members will take an NDA seriously. In fact, I have a friend who worked for one of the biggest stars of our lifetime and she still doesn't dish on the star. That NDA has kept her mouth shut for years and she had an enjoyable experience working for this person.  So, the next time you read People and they quote a "source", remember this article, you can guess who the source actually was.

What are your thoughts on Hollywood sources?  Does it change the way you think about fame and Hollywood?  Join the conversation in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.

I plan on moving the Behind the Red Carpet series to video, so I will be answering your insider questions each and every Wednesday.  Let me know what you want answered!  Leave it in the comments below and I will give you the insider scoop on how it all works.....Behind the Red Carpet!

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