Monday, July 30, 2012

Behind The Red Carpet Live: Episode 2

It happened. I made an official call on the Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump Watch.  Plus, I had a great guest, James A. Molnar, editor of The Gold Knight Blog and Film Editor of the Toledo Free Press.  We talked box office, the Olympics, and the crazy off-screen Twilight drama.

See the archive below and join me next week LIVE on Monday, August 6th at 6:30PM PT/9:30PM ET on Spreecast right here.


  1. Thank You for another successful spree cast. It was an interesting discussion with many good opinions. What I found really fun was your conversation about not being able to watch the Olympic Games live because of the different time zone. For once Europe can see something in real time. We are not spoilt with that. You just get a little taste of what we have to deal with as so many interesting things happen in the US. :)

    And finally we can get some peace, Jennifer
    isn´t pregnant. Now I can use my braincells on something else !! :)

  2. Thanks, Emmy! Everyone that watched from overseas and Canada talked about how crazy it is for Americans to wait. Ah, our crazy country. It's true though....I am sure you have to wait around for the Oscars. We don't. :)

    I hope you continue to visit and watch the show. It's been so fun meeting so many new people.

  3. Of course I will continue to watch the show ! And you nailed it ! I had Oscars in my mind when I wrote my comment.

  4. Kristyn, I wrote a few comments on the original article about Jen's baby bunp watch.But they don't seem to be showing.

    Justin was seen arriving/leaving a medical center May 25th-maybe Jennifer was there too.

    Love Jennifer whether she is pregnant or not.But if you are right she's not pregnant.

  5. All of the comments are there on the article. The thread is so long that you have to click on the "LOAD MORE" button below the comment and it will take you to the second page.

    1. I did that.. it has loading...but nothing else comes up....stays on the same page.


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