Friday, July 27, 2012

The Friday Five: The 2012 London Olympics Edition

I cannot wait for the Opening Ceremony tonight.  I love everything about the Olympics from my favorite event to the heated rivalries to those fabulous "fluff" pieces that NBC produces about each athlete.  My Twitter feed will probably be flooded with references of Gabby and Ryan over the next two weeks, so I am dedicating this edition of The Friday Five to the things I'm looking forward to the most this week:

1.  Women's Gymnastics:  I've been obsessed with this sport since Mary Lou Retton vaulted to a perfect 10 and the Women's All-Around Gold Medal.  This year, I am rooting for Gabby Douglas to take the title.  She's lived away from her family over the last 18 months to achieve her dream, her dad has been overseas fighting for our country, and that girl is full of sass and strut with a smile during her floor exercise routine.  In the immortal words of Bela Karolyi, "You can do it!" (Try not to weep while watching the above video.)

2.  Lochte versus Phelps:  Michael Phelps is going to try to become the most decorated Olympian ever, but I am rooting for Ryan Lochte to be the hot one of the Games.  Oh wait, he's already hot....completely drool-worthy. (Rumor is that he is already hooking up with Australian swimmer, Blair  Evans.  Yep, I provide Olympic gossip too!) Regardless, this matchup is going to be one for the history books.  Go, USA Swimming!

3.  Opening Ceremony: In my dreams, I am an Olympian and I walk into that stadium carrying the American flag.  Can you imagine the pride and overwhelming feelings you would have realizing you are an Olympian?  Enough said.

4. Lolo Jones:  I love the athlete who is back to erase the bad memories of the prior Olympics:  enter Lolo Jones.  She's trying to win the gold after narrowly missing it in the 100-meter hurdles in Beijing after she stumbled on the 9th of 10 hurdles.  She's favored to win and she's on a mission. Watch her race in Beijing and hear how she's ready for redemption.

5.  Olympic Village:  I always want to know the inside scoop on what happens in the athlete's village.  When I met Olympic Swimmer, Aaron Peirsol, in Las Vegas a month after the 2008 Summer Olympics, I cornered him for about two hours while I peppered him with questions about what really went on after everyone's events were over.  It's exactly what you think.....drinking, hot bodies, and a lot of sex.  In fact, ESPN wrote a fascinating article about this exact topic.  You don't want to miss it.

 Have a great Olympic weekend!  I will be donning my red, white, and blue tonight so join me on Instagram for a photo or two: @KristynBurtt.  

My Behind The Red Carpet Live will again happen on Monday, July 30th at 6:30PM PT/9:30 PM ET here.  I would love for you to join me because we had so much fun last week!  I have already started gathering scoop, so feel free to contact me here with your burning entertainment news questions!

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