Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Infomercials Update

A snapshot from my hotel TV earlier this year.

Happy Holidays!  Are you in the swing of the holiday season yet?  I am happily ensconced in LA for most of the month while I catch up on Oscar fare, friends, and my workout regime. (I plan on eating a lot this holiday season.)  I'm going to update you on a few projects that I worked on earlier this year:  The Amazing Mat and the EZ Curler. (In addition, The Rhythm Rocker continues to run almost two years later.) Yes, that means you will be seeing me on your TV screens in the middle of the night when you have insomnia.  First up, The Amazing Mat and FYI, I have one by my door and it works really well!


Next up:  EZ Curler.  This is the styling tips video, but the full infomercial will be running soon with a couple of familiar Bachelor/Bachelor Pad faces.

I will announce my Caption the Photo contest winner tomorrow, so get in those last minute entries.  It's pretty simple:  come up with a creative caption, win a prize!

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