Thursday, November 3, 2011

Have You Heard Anything About The Kardashians This Week?

Okay, before you groan at me, I hope you check out my article over at Starpulse about this week's incessant news on the 72-day marriage.  The article is entitled:  "Breaking Up With The Kardashians:  Where Do We Draw The Line?"  I talked with reality experts who weighed in with their opinions:  everyone from a casting director to a YouTube personality to a former Bachelor star to the biggest Bachelor spoiler blogger in the industry.

I have met Kim, in fact, she styled me for the Oscars in 2007 because I bought my dress from Dash. She was alone in the store that day.  Yep, that's how simple her life was in January 2007. Things changed by the fall of that year and it is amazing to see the transformation in four short years.  She's a sweet girl who I think has been misguided by the fame and the money.  I hope this gives her an opportunity to take a step back, breathe, and reassess the world around her.

The article:  Click here.


  1. We should protest, I say we start an Occupy The Khardashians movement. Oh wait...

  2. I actually love this show and I think Kim is adorable...I feel bad for admitting that, but you're right, she does seem sweet!

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  3. Kim is a media whore & her mother & stupid family are nothing more than her pimps! Kim can't tell the truth (about anything). It would ruin her already bad reputation. She's a crock and the world (who BTW far outnumbers her 11 mil Twitter followers) has got her number loud & clear!


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